About Us:

One Stop Mechanical Repairs is a business unit of One Stop Holdings Australia Pty Ltd, which has been providing automotive services to the Macarthur region since 1996.

We aim to provide the greatest quality service and remain adamant in our efforts to retain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our services apply to all vehicles, whether they are for commercial, industrial or private use. We use quality, manufacturer approved parts and lubricants, so you can rest assured your new vehicle warranty is protected.

If you need a prompt and cost-effective repair or tune-up job done on any car, truck or SUV, bring it in to One Stop Mechanical Repairs.


  • Fleet servicing
  • Logbook servicing
  • Mechanical/electrical repairs
  • Authorised vehicle inspections
  • Pink slips
  • Blue slips
  • LPG conversions
  • LPG vehicle servicing and repairs
  • Authorised LPG tank testing
  • Wheel and tyre fitting
  • Wheel Balancing

Routine Services

Lube Service

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect all under bonnet fluid levels and top up as required
  • Inspect brakes, suspension, steering, wheels and tyres
  • Report back with recommended repairs

Full service

  • Lube service, plus…
  • Replace cabin filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace spark plugs (depending on vehicle type)
  • Replace fuel filter (depending on vehicle type)

Above items are correct for majority of cases but may vary for certain vehicles. Services should be completed according to manufacturer specifications and within the recommended service interval.

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